Film Commisson Lucerne & Central Switzerland – A Portrait

The Film Commission supports film productions in Central Switzerland at all stages: from development and location scouting to production, post-production and promotion planning.

The Film Commission also offers the following services:

  • Arranging favorable conditions for hotel accommodations.
  • Arranging the use of private and public property. In the city of Lucerne, for example, public land can be used free of charge.
  • Support in negotiations with authorities and administrations (e.g. for permits).
  • Advice for productions in all regional aspects.
  • Support in communication.


From 2010 to 2016, the City of Lucerne, in cooperation with Luzern Tourismus AG, supervised film productions in the Lucerne region, including 17 episodes of the crime series "Tatort". The two organizations acted as Filmlocation Lucerne in the process. In 2016, together with other partners, they founded the Lucerne-Central Switzerland Film and Television Association as the sponsor of the film location, which from then on will operate as the Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland. In this way, the sponsor signals that its commission wants to be active in all six cantons of Central Switzerland.

As a motor for film in Central Switzerland, it brings together all the organizations and companies in the regional film industry, thereby strengthening its network and promoting the regional economy (trade, tourism, creative industries).

With its activities, the Film Commission pursues the following three directions:

  • It supports location promotion, tourism and trade, thus creating economic added value.
  • It promotes the regional creative industries, especially the film industry.
  • It strengthens the identification of the population with their region.


As a partner of the European Film Academy, the Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland will organize the European Film Awards in Lucerne in 2024.

European Film Awards 2024 in Lucerne


The Film Commission Lucerne and Central Switzerland works on behalf of the Lucerne-Central Switzerland Film and Television Association.

Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland

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Bojan Karan

Back Office Manager, Luzern

+41 78 647 13 98

Board of Directors Film und Fernsehen Luzern-Zentralschweiz


Beat Hensler

Vize-Präsident, Sekretär Zentralschweizer Regierungskonferenz, Horw


Niklaus Zeier

Präsident, Luzern


Martin Elmiger

CEO Auviso ag, Luzern


Erich Felber

Bereichsleiter Digitales und Projekte Stadt Sursee, Nottwil


Mike Hauser

Hotel-Unternehmer, Luzern


Matthias Luchsinger

Unternehmer Filmbranche, Zug/Zürich


Marcel Perren

Tourismusdirektor Luzern

Ruth Wipfli_007999_ 140 -3.jpg

Ruth Wipfli Steinegger

Rechtsanwältin und Notarin, Flüelen



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