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Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland
Gesegnetmattstrasse 10
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The 37th European Film Awards in Lucerne - December 7, 2024!
The German composer Richard Wagner resided and worked in the Tribschen country estate from 1866 to 1872. Since 1933, the manor house has served as a museum. After the current renovation, the house shows itself in the splendor as in Wagner's time.
The film "Sisi & I" had its successful world premiere at the 73rd Berlinale. Lucerne occupies a special place in Frauke Finsterwalder's visually powerful work.
Film productions are labor-intensive and usually employ numerous people. For the filming location, they create added value and support commerce, tourism and the local film industry
To be Berlin, Cannes or even Los Angeles for a weekend? That's what Lucerne dreamed of ...
James Bond, "Goldfinger" and Aston Martin - terms that belong to Andermatt. The Film Commission, in collaboration with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and with funding from five cantons in Central Switzerland, is developing ideas on how this cinematic heritage can be used to benefit tourism and commerce in the region.