To be Berlin, Cannes or even Los Angeles for a weekend? That's what Lucerne dreamed of ... and the dream came true. On December 7, 2024, the European Film Awards, the "Oscars" of Europe, will be presented at the KKL Luzern.

Best film, best actress, best actor, best director ... we know the procedure and love the glamour of the film world. - Lucerne is in the focus of the European film scene and film enthusiasts worldwide. An event for Lucerne - for tourism, for the local, active film scene, for regional location marketing!


Already on December 6, the European film scene will come together in the city on Lake Lucerne. The entire week before the award ceremony, meetings of European and Swiss filmmakers will take place, and Lucerne cinemas will show films from Europe. And it gets even better: the entire year 2024 belongs to the countdown for the awards in Lucerne! A month-long national supporting program, a Europe-wide special month for current films, the announcement of the nominations. All events point to the event in Lucerne.


The whole year is organized by the European Film Academy, in collaboration with the Swiss sponsorship, which consists of the Federal Office of Culture (BAK), SRG SSR and the city and canton of Lucerne. This national sponsorship finances two-thirds of the expenses, which are covered by Switzerland.


On January 19 and 20, 2023, the management of the European Film Academy visited Lucerne for talks with the Swiss organizers.


Photo: Gabie Burkhard (Managing Director Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland), Lili Kaelin (Project Manager European Film Awards Lucerne 2024), Jürgen Biesinger (Director European Film Academy Productions), Matthijs Wouter Knol (Director European Film Academy), Niklaus Zeier (Project Manager European Film Awards Lucerne 2024), Magdalena Gorgieva (European Film, Academy - Sponsoring), Annina Wettstein (Project Manager National Film Program).