Simply inspiring 

Central Switzerland is a region that has always attracted and inspired people from other countries. Turner painted, Tolstoy wrote, Wagner composed, Rachmaninoff played ... and the filmmakers?

A country full of inspirational ideas

Central Switzerland is a land of stories and legends. Who does not know the one about William Tell. The drama by Friedrich Schiller has made its story and that of the nascent Swiss Confederation widely known. But the transit country between north and south, the mountain world, the river and lake landscapes, where locals and strangers have always met and continue to meet, the tourist adventure world have brought and continue to bring many more stories to light, then as now. Film material at its best. A group of journalists, historians and local experts will explore these together with the Film Commission team.

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Filmscene Central Switzerland

Central Switzerland has an active film scene. Particularly active are the documentary filmmakers. With Zodiac Pictures Lucerne is also home to one of the largest internationally active film production companies for fictional works.  Verein Film Zentralschweiz unites most of the filmmakers. In addition, several companies from the technical film industry offer their services.

A center of the film scene is the internationally recognized  Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts with its courses in animation, short film and documentary film.

Central Switzerland is home to countless musical formations that make the region a resounding landscape. The 21st Century Orchestra, under the direction of Ludwig Wicki, occupies a special position for film. This internationally renowned orchestra specializes in film music. The well-known film music composer Fabian Römer also comes from the region.

Filmmaking at regional festivals present young festivals: Upcoming Filmmakers (Luzern), Zoomz (Luzern), Pink Panorama (Luzern) and Zuger Filmtage (Zug).

Central Switzerland – A Portrait

Central Switzerland ( in french: Suisse centrale,  in talian: Svizzera centrale, in Rhaeto-Romanic: Svizra Centrala) is one of the seven major regions of Switzerland. It includes the cantons of Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden, Nidwalden and Zug and lies north of the main ridge of the Alps. The urban center is the city of Lucerne.

The region has about 850,000 inhabitants and features two urban centers: Lucerne and Zug. In the center of the region lies Lake Lucerne. In the south, the region ends with the famous Gotthard - Furka - Oberalp pass region. To the north it borders on the canton of Aargau, to the east on the urban metropolitan area of Zurich and to the west on the canton of Bern.

The region is well connected by train and freeway.  The International Zurich Airport can be reached in just over 60 minutes.

The region with its many valleys, villages, small towns and the two centers has a lively tradition (Fasnacht (Carnival), St. Nikolaus-customs, "Schwingen", "Alpkultur").

The region is an international tourist hotspot.  The  City of Lucerne as well as Lake Lucerne and Mount Rigi and Mount Pilatus are particulary well known. In addition, the region invites with its diverse cultural life from folk theater, choral singing and brass music to the symphonic highlight Lucerne Festival and the  Comic-Festival Fumetto.

The region is strongly characterized by agriculture and tourism. But it also has many innovative businesses, such as the MAXXON company, which, for example, developed the engine for the Mars Mobile. Lucerne and Zug are the largest service centers, whereby Zug is strongly characterized by the financial sector and the headquarters of international companies, while Lucerne is the center of the region with a university and colleges as well as a wide range of cultural and tourism offerings.