Filming in Lucerne and Central Switzerland? - Welcome!

The Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland uses all its competence and all its possibilities to find the best solutions for the realization of your project. With our services, we help to make your TV series, your movie, your commercial or your photo session a success.


The Film Commission Lucerne & Central Switzerland provides free support for film productions in all cantons of Central Switzerland at every stage: from development and location scouting to production. It also helps with post-production and promotion planning. It arranges favorable conditions for hotel accommodation and for the use of private and public land. In the city of Lucerne, for example, public land can be used free of charge. The Commission helps in negotiations with authorities and administrations. It advises productions on all regional aspects and supports their communication.


Central Switzerland, the heart of Switzerland, offers a multitude of different locations in a small area: from alpine to urban (LOCATIONS). The region captivates with its history full of historical and current events (INSPIRATION) and has always welcomed film productions (FILMED MOVIES).

First Contact

Do you think about a project in Central Switzerland or have you already decided to produce in our region? Are you pursuing a film idea that is about our region?

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Production support

The Film Commission is a one-stop-shop for all your questions and offers the following services free of charge:

  • Content consulting
    The Film Commission has a high level of expertise in answering content-related questions (history, society, politics, culture, geography, tourism). It has a wide network of experts in all relevant areas of expertise.

  • Production consulting
    The Film Commission has a great experience in supporting and advising productions, thanks to the professional know-how of its team members and the experience gained from accompanying audiovisual projects since 2010. The best conditions to create optimal conditions for your production (technology, procedures, transports, costs).
  • Location-Scouting
    The Film Commission supports you in finding the right locations for your production. We help to obtain the necessary permits, as well as the use of the locations at favorable conditions. According to our Slogan «Great Locations for Great Movies» we present you locations ftom ALPINE bis URBAN. See LOCATIONS.
  • Permits
    Film works of any kind require permits from authorities or private persons for work processes and for the use of filming locations. The Film Commission supports you in obtaining these permits and in contacting the administrative bodies. 
    Merkblatt Einsatz von Drohnen (PDF)
  • Production experts
    Central Switzerland has a diverse film industry. The Film Commission provides your production with companies and professionals in all areas of a film production. We also help with the organization of support staff and extras. We are happy to provide you with information on this.


Central Switzerland is a holiday region and has many accommodation options for your crew and cast in all categories (hotels, guesthouses, apartments). The Film Commission will help you find the best, cost-effective accommodation options. It will also assist you with the organization of catering and other issues related to your stay.

Financial Support

The national Federal Office of Culture supports projects that contribute to the diversity of Swiss film culture. The Film Location Support Switzerland (FiSS) puts the main focus on Swiss-foreign co-productions. This location funding is directed to film projects that can be recognized as Swiss films or official co-productions and have an additional effect in Switzerland.  More Informationen  BAK / FiSS.

In addition to the federal government, the six cantons of Central Switzerland also support film productions. Only applications for film projects that have a direct connection to one or more of the following cantons can be considered: Lucerne, Uri, Zug, Schwyz, Obwalden, Nidwalden. More information: Innerschweizer Filmfachgruppe IFFG)

Sustainability / Green Filming

The Film Commission attaches great importance to sustainable film production. It is guided by the principles of sustainability in the audiovisual sector as pursued by the film trade associations and film commissions in Switzerland.