The transition across the Alps.


6780 Airolo


The Gotthard Pass is one of the most important crossings in the entire Alpine region. It connects German-speaking Switzerland with Italian-speaking Switzerland. Here runs not only the language border, but also a prominent watershed (Adriatic / Mediterranean / North Sea). The hospice on the Gotthard Pass (municipality of Airolo TI) was founded in 1237 by monks of the Humiliatenorden. It hosted Goethe, Balzac, Petrarch and other famous personalities. Because of the busy travel traffic, the Gotthard route was also called the "Road of Nations". Today, in addition to the pass road, which is open in summer, the pass can also be passed on two rail lines (Gotthard Base Tunnel, Gotthard Mountain Line) and through the Gotthard Base Tunnel. This makes the Gotthard the central crossing point between northern and southern Europe.


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