Historical place of power with church from the 16th century on terrace above the Entlebuch valley.


Heiligkreuz 1,
6166 Heiligkreuz


In the pilgrimage and power place Heiligkreuz stands a rococo church built in 1588 with a precious monstrance from the 16th century and a splendidly colored high altar. The name of the place appeared for the first time in 1480 and goes back to a legend: St. Helena had found the cross of Christ on Golgotha around 320 and had given a fragment of it to a soldier on his way to France. To verify its authenticity, the piece was tied around a wild ox, which brought it to the present site of Holy Cross, where it was presented to shepherds in heavenly light and angelic music.


Picture Credits

UNESCO Biosphäre Enlebuch / Beat Brechbühl


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